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Harmony Hollow

Peace Sign Bronze Wind Bell

Peace Sign Bronze Wind Bell

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Channel the universal call for harmony and unity with our Peace Bell, adorned with a timeless peace symbol motif – a resonant tribute to the enduring pursuit of tranquility, understanding, and the harmonious melodies that bind humanity together.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

Church bells ring, calling people together for prayer. Meditation bells help one focus inward and calmly pay attention to life's rhythms. A beautiful bell tone can clear your mind permitting you to sense an inherent peace common in all living things

This bell, rung by the wind, adds the commonality we all share, Mother Nature's pulse, bringing each of us closer to our inner vibration and in tune with our spirit. As each of us becomes more peaceful we contribute one by one to a harmonious future, represented here with the universal image for peace - the Peace Sign. Think and focus on peace when Mother Nature rings this bell.

Listen to the available bell options below.

Listen to MLB Bell

Listen to 731 (high pitch) Bell

Listen to SA7 (low pitch) Bell

Listen to A5 Bell

Listen to A6 Bell

Listen to B3 Bell

Listen to C2 Bell

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