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Harmony Hollow

Newborn Baby Bronze Wild Bell

Newborn Baby Bronze Wild Bell

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Embrace the miracle of new life with our Newborn Bell, where two larger hearts, representing devoted parents, lovingly overlap to create a delicate heart at their center – a symbolic and resonant tribute to the profound love that brings forth a cherished new baby.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

Welcome to our World, Little One! Mothers and fathers - you are the appointed guardians of new life. What new joys and sorrows will this new life bring? May you be blessed with all that you need to love, nurture, and teach your child to live blissfully, to take from what the world has to offer, and contribute much to others' lives. Such a precious gift is a child, whose innocence teaches us humility and whose sense of wonder nourishes our appreciation of all that is worthy in the world.

Listen to the available bell options below.

Listen to MLB Bell

Listen to 731 (high pitch) Bell

Listen to SA7 (low pitch) Bell

Listen to A5 Bell

Listen to A6 Bell

Listen to B3 Bell

Listen to C2 Bell

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