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Harmony Hollow

Large Wind Vane (LW)

Large Wind Vane (LW)

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This large wind vane is found on our larger multiple bells. It is made from sheet brass and comes with a short length of double-link chain.

One of the unique results of our ongoing engineering efforts is that our bells are more responsive in the breeze than others found on the market. All our bells ring easily in the wind because the wind vane has been engineered to lift with a nine to ten mile-per-hour breeze; it then rotates on the double chain link and drives the clapper into the bell. Then the wind vane rotates back into the wind, lifts, falls, and the process repeats.

We make the wind vane as rugged as we can, but it remains a part that is subject to wear. Wind Vanes usually last about ten to fifteen years, at which time they must be replaced.

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