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Harmony Hollow

Kitty Angel Wind Chimes

Kitty Angel Wind Chimes

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This chimes feature a heavenly kitty cat with 3-dimensional wings. The Motif is hand made from brass, and is available in a beautiful verdigris patina. For anyone who has lost a beloved pet.

Each chimes comes with a tag with the following message:

Kitty Angel Chime
Too briefly, your beloved cat is with you, your loyal companion and steadfast friend in good times and bad. It is hard to say goodbye when they depart this life to join the other angels. But nothing is stronger or more rewarding than the unconditional love of your cat. Those pawprints on your heart never go away. Some say that cats are born already knowing how to be friends. So their time on earth is shorter than ours, because we humans need time to learn. Like the other angels, our cat occupies a space in our lives forever. The sound of the chime alerts you that your faithful friend is always with you. May time and memories of your special moments together comfort you and may your sorrow grow lighter with each passing day. And may this chime always remind you that the spirit of your cat is with you always.

This motif is also available as a bell

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