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Harmony Hollow

Front Line Hero Bell

Front Line Hero Bell

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A poignant bronze wind bell, a tribute to the unwavering dedication and resilience of those frontline workers who stood at the forefront during challenging times. Its tones carry a message of gratitude and honor, a timeless melody of courage and compassion.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

Front Line Heros:

You risk your life on the Front Line. Thank you. While many stay home to avoid exposure to the invisible virus, you put yourself in harm's way to support the rest of us. You do your job, sacrificing the safety of yourself and your family to protect vulnerable people by performing essential services.

The world would come to a complete stop if it were not for you and colleagues, our Front Line Heroes. For your sacrifice, for the risks you take daily, we all owe you an enormous debt, which cannot be repaid but will be remembered. For all your heroic acts, big and small, this bell chimes for you. When you hear it, know it is ringing our heartfelt gratitude from all of us who deeply appreciate you.

Listen to the available bell options below.

Listen to MLB Bell

Listen to 731 (high pitch) Bell

Listen to SA7 (low pitch) Bell

Listen to A5 Bell

Listen to A6 Bell

Listen to B3 Bell

Listen to C2 Bell

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