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Harmony Hollow

Friendship Bronze Wind Bell

Friendship Bronze Wind Bell

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This bell features an upraised hand, symbol of peace and friendship. The Motif is hand made from brass, finished in a beautiful verdigris patina.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

This bell rings with the joy and laughter of friendship. Like an outstretched hand, which in times past signified an absence of weapons, it offers the peace and safety of a trusted relationship. And as with friendship, either a gentle breeze or gale force wind may call forth its sound; or it may rest in silence, waiting for the perfect moment to toll its unique support.

Souls unite in sacred sound, and the FRIENDSHIP Bell's purpose is to carry this union across space and time into the present. May our friendship be remembered in its ringing.

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Listen to 731 (high pitch) Bell

Listen to SA7 (low pitch) Bell

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