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Harmony Hollow

Anniversary Bronze Wind Bell

Anniversary Bronze Wind Bell

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Mark the enduring tapestry of love with our Anniversary Bell, adorned with an exquisite motif of entwined hearts – a harmonious reminder of a union woven with timeless devotion.

Each bell comes with a tag with the following message:

Most cultures worldwide see the heart as the true center of the self. Moreover, the double heart is symbolic of ongoing relationships and the opportunity, over many years, for one soul to evolve in the presence of another.
Consequently, in like company there exists a shared heartbeat, the fundamental tempo for poetry, song, music, and dance. Its rhythm insists that life be led at a soulmaking level in a place filled with enormous joy and inevitable sorrow. May this bell sound that heartbeat here, now, and forever.

Listen to the available bell options below.

Listen to MLB Bell

Listen to 731 (high pitch) Bell

Listen to SA7 (low pitch) Bell

Listen to A5 Bell

Listen to A6 Bell

Listen to B3 Bell

Listen to C2 Bell

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