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Harmony Hollow

3D Blue Angel Wind Chimes

3D Blue Angel Wind Chimes

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This is the 3D Angel Musical Motif Chimes. The wings flare from the body, acting like sails to catch the wind.

The chimes are made of solid aluminum, the Angel is made from brass with a beautiful patina, and there is a short brass support chain and hook.

Each chime comes with a tag with the following message:

Every Time A Bell Rings, An Angel Gets Its Wings

HEAR the sleigh of Santa with its bells, silver bells!
What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
How they tinkle with delight, in the glory of this night!
All the heavens seem to twinkle,
Santa's smile is all a-crinkle,
While his bells go tinkle, tinkle,
On this night when all is right.

HEAR the singing and the ringing of the bells, churchly bells!
What a world of peace and joy within them dwells!
How they toll and how they roll - the deepest hopes of human soul -
All the world vibrates with love,
Our Christmas gift from up above,
All the bell sounds blend in gold,
To join that glorious sound of old.

MAY the spirit and eternal promise of Christmas bring you rest this day. There is a bell in your heart, whoever you are; and its solemn, lovely note - when you really listen - is the echo of that love which makes life worth living.

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