Bronze Doorbells

We make a series of five doorbells, which incorporate bells selected from our wind bells. We take our standard windbell hangers (also available separately) and turn them around to serve as very comfortable handles for the doorbells. Examine the handles and you'll see three-pointed stars, centered on one side, and five-pointed stars centered on the other side.


Our doorbells are mounted on door frame locations, much like electric doorbells, using the included brass wall brackets and brass screws (also available separately), which are an integral part of the design.

Buyers tastes in bells are subjective, and there is no "best" sounding bell. People are often attracted to certain sounds for practical reasons. For example, the B3 is our only higher-pitched doorbell. It appeals to people-often older people-who actually hear high-frequency sounds better than low-frequency sounds.

The C2 and Whale doorbells are deeper-pitched bells. The Whale Bell is a decorative motif that has tremendous appeal for certain types of buyers. At the top of our product line is the DBD1, our largest doorbell, which has a deep sound to match.

Doorbells are very practical because of their functionality, and they have proven to be very popular. They're economical, too, as they cost less than having an electrician come in to install a conventional doorbell. And if the owners move, they can take the doorbell with them. These are popular for second homes, back doors, enclosed private patios, dinner bells to call the kids for dinner, and replacement for broken electric doorbells.