Harmony Hollow Bell Works 800 468 2355 Established in 1969

Harmony Hollow Video

Here is a clip from our promotional video, in two different formats; both clips show molten bronze being poured into sand molds, and the raw bells coming out of the sand. The smiling worker shown is Jeff Cross, founder of Harmony Hollow. This historic footage dates back to the early 70's, when our foundry operation was just getting underway.

Clip 1 is an animated .GIF, which plays as it downloads if you are using Netscape 2.0 or later or Internet Explorer 3.0 or greater.

Clip B is a flattened QuickTime movie (.mov), which shows the same clip but in somewhat greater detail. You must have a QuickTime player available in order to view this. Contact Apple Computer for more info.

A big Harmony Hollow Thank You! to Bob McCown, who used some new technology to process the QuickTime clip for us (12/98).

Clip 1
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1M .gif file
Clip B
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