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Freedom Gift Story Bell

The Harmony Hollow
Freedom Bronze Wind Bell

Each of these bells comes with a card with the following message:

The United States of America is the world's oldest democratic republic, deriving its strength from traditions of freedom and equality. The eagle, our majestic symbol of freedom, soars on updrafts of wind, then dives decisively when moved to action.

On behalf of all throughout the world who value freedom, equality and democracy, we are steadfast in the vigilant struggle to keep the world a safer place as our nation continues its long tradition of acting decisively in its defense. Let the same wind that carries our glorious eagle aloft in free flight bring to mind thoughts of our precious freedom when you hear it ring this Freedom Bell.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Figure $8.00 shipping charge to continental U.S. per bell or chime for the first item, and $2.75 for each additional item in the same package. Please contact us for additional shipping info.

Shown with an SA7 bell, the Freedom Bell is available with any of the bells listed below:

Bell Price Picture
(not to scale)
Sound Purchase
Freedom Bell
$66.00 MLB Bell Hear the MLB

Freedom Bell
$72.00 731 Bell Hear the 731

Freedom Bell
(as shown)
$76.00 SA7 Bell Hear the SA7

Freedom Bell
$82.00 A5 Bell Hear the A5

Out Of Stock

Freedom Bell
$82.00 A6 Bell Hear the A6

Freedom Bell
$98.00 B3 Bell Hear the B3

Freedom Bell
$108.00 C2 Bell Hear the C2