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Ordering from Harmony Hollow


We are now using PayPal to do 100% secure online ordering. To participate, you will need to join PayPal, which is a good idea anyway as they are the number one online purchasing entity. They are the backbone of E-Bay, for instance. If you are specifying custom motifs with any of our products, there is an "Options" box at the last screen of PayPal where you can tell us what you would like.

PayPal Shipping Address

This is not obvious, but you can specify where to ship items, tagging them as gifts, for instance. You do this on the PayPal page you see after you login. At the bottom of the page, just above the "Comments" field, there is a Shipping Information area, pre-filled in with your billing address. To the right of that is a link called "Add Address" - if you click on that you will have the opportunity to specify a shipping address different from your billing address. We regret the complication; we have no control over how PayPal configures this.

By Phone:
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