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Harmony Hollow Christmas Bell

Patina Christmas Bell

Just in time for the holidays, here is our Christmas Bell, available in patina brass.

Made from a any of our bells and an Angel Motif, this bell is sure to enliven any festive setting.

At thirteen inches tall, this bell is a bit too large to be used as an ornament in any but the largest trees.

Hear the Christmas Bell

Christmas Card Each Christmas Bell comes with a card featuring a charming middle ages woodcut. Click on the card at left to see the card full size.

The Angel Motif is available separately as part of our ornaments selection.

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bells with motif hangers.

Bell Price Picture
(not to scale)
Sound Purchase
Christmas Bell MLB $61.00 MLB Bell Hear the MLB
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Christmas Bell 731
(as shown)
$67.00 731 Bell Hear the 731
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Christmas Bell SA7 $71.00 SA7 Bell Hear the SA7
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Christmas Bell A5
$77.00 A5 Bell Hear the A5
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Christmas Bell
$77.00 A6 Bell Hear the A6
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Christmas Bell B3 $93.00 B3 Bell Hear the B3
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