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Inner Chime Wind Chimes

Bring a little outdoors indoors with these indoor wind chimes


Inner Chime Side view of the Inner Chime

The Inner Chime lets you enjoy the soothing sounds of wind chimes in the comfort of your home or office. Using a patented technology, the Inner Chime reacts to the real wind outdoors by sounding chimes indoors - without electricity, cables, drilling, or open windows. And it's easy to install; just hang two components on your window using the included materials, and you have a little bit of the outdoors indoors - and minus the wind, rain, and bugs.

Why an indoor wind chime?
Outdoor wind chimes bring a gentle, peaceful ambiance to any garden or patio. The Inner Chime brings those benefits indoors, where they can be enjoyed in any weather and at any time of day. It can even be used in locations generally unsuitable for wind chimes: high rise apartments and offices, for example.

A natural sound
Unlike other indoor wind chimes, the Inner Chime uses the real wind outside to sound the chimes. This means that the chimes let you hear changes in the weather, giving you a connection to nature even when you can't get outside. The sound from the Inner Chime is exactly the same as if the chimes were actually out in the breeze.

Adjustable and discreet
What's more, the Inner Chime can't bother your neighbors. And if you yourself ever need quiet, adjusting the volume of the Inner Chime (or turning it off entirely) is as easy as turning a knob.

The Inner Chime is aesthetically pleasing and elegantly designed, with a number of customizable motifs to match any décor or taste.

Below are some photographs of Inner Chimes with a selection of the many available motifs. Click any photograph to see it in a larger size.

Weight: 1.4lb.

Mermaid inner chime Dove inner chime Palm tree inner chime
Sailboat inner chime Dolphin and lighthouse innerchimes Star small inner chime

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