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Here you can access scans of our print brochures, magazine and book articles about our products, and our current Price Sheet/Order Form. The brochures give a sense of the relative sizes of the various items, and how they compare to each other. From the brochure pages, you will be able to read the names of the bells and chimes, and if your monitor has high enough resolution, see the weight and length of each bell. As an added bonus, you can click on each item to go to each item's page for a close-up view and more information.

If you have a color printer and would like to print out the brochures at an even higher resolution, we also feature bigger files, with correspondingly larger download times. These files are in .pdf format, so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. Be warned that downloading Acrobat will also take a long time through a slow connection. Please make sure you are using the latest version of Acrobat, available at the link below.

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If you would like a print copy of any of these via snailmail, please contact us via our Contact Page.

Brochure Page On Screen
Print Out
Gift Story Bells Cards GO  
Ann Arbor Observer Article (12/98) GO  
Our Postcard!   GO
Mobiles and Multiple Bells   GO
Mobiles and Multiple Bells Text
(from the back of the brochure)
Glass Hangers, 3D Motif Hangers, Hummingbird Wedding Bells   GO
Bronze Windbells GO GO
Motifs #1   GO
Story Card Bells   GO
Story Cards
(The tags that come with the gift bells)
Triple Tone, Bronze, & Door Bells   GO
Brass Windchimes
Bell Tree Display
Pedestal Tables GO GO
Wind Chimes GO GO
Interior and Garden Accents GO GO
From Michigan Magazine
Aug - Oct 1999
From the Book: "Guild 7 -
Architects Source of Artists"
Featured Artist:
"Niche" Magazine
From the Book: The Guild 1 - The Sourcebook of Craft Artists GO GO
From the Book: Burridge Index
The Premium sourcebook for
Architects & Interior Designers
From the Book:
Contemporary Crafts for the Home
From the Book: Profiles
Who's Who in American Crafts
Retail Bell Display GO