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The Harmony Hollow
C4 Bronze Wind Bell

Harmony Hollow C4 Bell

Hear the C4 Bell

This is the C4 Bell; the small holes on the side of the bell are created by a difficult casting procedure. An exotic look is achieved by the addition of scallops on the bottom.

2 1/4 lbs. - Length 24 1/2"

Prices are subject to change without notice. Figure $8.00 shipping charge to continental U.S. per bell or chime for the first item, and $2.75 for each additional item in the same package. Please contact us for additional shipping info.

Harmony Hollow C3 Bell
With cast hanger
as shown at right:


With any
Motif Hanger
(see examples):


Motif Desired
(Make sure you specify
exactly which motif)
With any
3D Motif Hanger:
(see example)


3D Motif Desired
(Make sure you specify
exactly which 3D motif)

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